Equipment Repairs

I am happy to undertake most types of repair work unless the unit has extensive SMD (Surface Mount Device) components and base the price on a 30 non-returnable fee for ascertaining and advising on the fault.

If the fault is economically repairable the 30 fee will be offset against the cost of repair.

I charge 45 for the first hour and 20 for every 30-minute period or part of thereafter.

If you wish to book a service or repair, please phone 07846 824 826 or email me by clicking here e-mail me

Here is a selection of work I have been involved in over the past few years, some of which were straight forward servicing jobs, whilst others came near to total rebuilds! All in all they are many and varied. There is no special order and the varied faults do not necessarily relate to just one particular piece of equipment. Perhaps in the future I might tie the fault to the equipment, but this way you can add-on without retracking past events.

Take a look at the Graveyard of Horror for some interesting images!!

Just a few of the Amplifiers I have Serviced/Repaired
  • Faulty Channel / Dead Channel
  • Earth Short
  • HT Short
  • Blown Power Resistors
  • Blown FETs
  • Blown Output Transistor(s) / ICs
  • Noisy / Damaged Pots
  • Blown / Failing Filter Cap
  • Failing Electrolytics
  • Broken Switches
  • Faulty / Broken Jack Sockets
  • Blown Output Transformer
  • Blown Power Transformer
  • No Output / Faint Output / Varying Output
  • Blown Speaker(s)
  • Blown internal Fuses
  • Dry Solder joints
  • Faulty Silicon Rectifier
  • Faulty Diode(s)
  • Failing Preamp Valve
  • Failing Output Valve
  • Broken Analog Reverb
  • No Digital Effects
  • Drifting Bias causing valve failure
  • Correcting badly modified circuit.
  • Fender The Twin, Model 75, Frontline 15G, Cyber Deluxe, HotRod Deluxe, HotRod Deville, Chorus 60, Princeton Chorus, Pro Reverb Deluxe, Vibro Champ, Champ 12, RockPro 1000, Deluxe Reverb, Bassmaster, Super Amp, Super Reverb, Pro Junior, Blues Junior, Vibrasonic, Bassman, Blues Deluxe, Showman, Twin Reverb
    Marshall JTM45, JTM30, JTM60, JCM800s Various, JMPs Various, 9200, JCM2000, JCM900, AVT50, AVT150H, 8008, 8080, S80, S40, ValveState Series, Mercury, MF4, MG Series
    Sound City Concord, 100 Head, L/B120 Head, L/B50 Head
    Selmer Treble-n-Bass, Twin SelectorTone, Truvoice, Zodiac 50 Tremolo Combo
    Kelly 50W Reverb Head, 100W Tremolo Combo
    HiWatt DR103, DR201, STA400
    Vox AC30, V125 Lead, V125 Bass, AC30CCX2, AC30CC2, Supreme, Foundation, AD100VTH Head, Venue Lead 100, AC120, Defiant, AC15
    Simms Watts PA100, Ike Isaacs
    Ampeg SVT 2Pro, B-15N, Rocket Reverb
    Carlsbro 50 TOP, 100 TOP, Various Solid State
    Laney PA 100, GH100S, Various Valve & Solid State
    Orange PA120, OR120, GRO100
    Mesa Boogie 50/50 Stereo Head, Stiletto Deuce II Head, Studio .22 Combo, Transatlantic, Dual Rect.
    Watkins / WEM Westminster, ER40, Copicat (Various), PA40, Dominator (Various)
    Other Notable Makes Arbiter, Ashdown, Burns, Ask, Roland, Yamaha, Crate, Elgen, Squier, JHS, Kay, Torque, H&H, SWR, Warwick, Trace Elliott, Impact, Peavey, Stinger, Hughes&Kettner, Gallien-Krueger, Sessionette, SJB, Grant Luimley, Funkstun / Roost, SUNN
    Guitars & Basses
  • Restring and Tune
  • Body Repair to Complete Respray
  • Re-fret (both Partial and Complete)
  • Rewire (both Partial and Complete)
  • Replacement Nut
  • Repair / Replace Machine Head(s)
  • Truss-Rod repair / replacement
  • Broken Neck repair
  • Total renovation
  • Out-of-Phase pickup mod.
  • Various Fender, Gretsch, Kay, Burns, Gibson, Epiphone, Baldwin Burns, Satellite, Audition, Yamaha, Roland, Vox, Watkins, Vester, Washburn, Rickenbacker, Eko, Teisco, Tanglewood, Shaftsbury
    Keyboards & Synthesizers
  • Power Supply dead (Mains AC & Adaptors)
  • Broken Keys
  • Non-functioning keys
  • Faulty displays
  • Dry joints
  • Faulty ICs
  • Faulty Effects
  • Loss of signal output
  • Various Yamaha, Roland, Casio, Cromer, Korg, Moog, MicroSynth, Seiko, Technics, etc.
    Effects Units, Pedals and everything else!
  • Power Supply dead (Mains AC & Adaptors)
  • Broken LEDs
  • Non-functioning Effects
  • Faulty displays
  • Dry joints
  • Faulty ICs
  • Fractured PCBs
  • Loose connections
  • Faulty Switches, pushbuttons and knobs
  • Various Boss, Zoom, Digitech, Yamaha, Roland, Korg, Electro-Harmonix, Rocktron, Jim Dunlop, Behringer, Marshall, Alesis, DOD, MXR, Ibanez, DigiTech, ART, Focusrite, etc.