Sales (Updated - 6th March 2024)

If you are interested in contacting me on any of the below items, please phone 07846 824 826 or email me by clicking here e-mail me. This is not necessarily the most up-to-date listing so it is always worth a call just to see what is coming up. All my For Sale items will have been through my workshop (unless stated as being Spares or Repair) and can be tried out to your hearts content. I can supply interested parties images of most listings shown below.

Always open to a REASONABLE OFFER on MOSTof the below.

I also have numerous Watkins WEM Copicats, which are due to be refurbed, if you are after a particular model, be it Valve or SolidState, let me know since I will re-prioritise the work schedule.

If you have any musical instruments for sale, I am always interested in hearing about them with a possible view to purchase, even the broken ones, which I particularly like. P/X is always an option.

Payments via: CASH, BANK TRANSFER or PAYPAL (3% fee applied for UK Based Paypal payments)

brand item description

Delta Blues Tweed 1x15" Combo

Fully serviced and looking as though it has been hardly used. All in all this has been fully serviced and comes in a very nice Tweed covering. All valves test excellent in my valve tester. These amps are one of the most versatile around having both Tremolo and Reverb functions. This one comes with a Peavey foot switch and protective cover.


1995 JCM60 Series with 15" Speaker

This 1995 Marshall JTM615 combo tube amplifier in excellent condition and in perfect working order.
This fairly rare 60 watt combo features a 15” speaker, enabling massive glassy cleans and thick, crushing high gain heaven.
It looks as though it has been little used during its life and apart from a few very minimal nicks in the covering, everything, both internally and externally looks in pristine condition. I my books the tolex used to cover this amps cabinet is one of the most attractive that Marshalls used.

Serviced and with a full set of 100% good condition valves, this is ready to rock’n’roll


Matched Pair Type 1416 G12S -  20W 8 Ohm

These were taken from a fully working AC30 and are viewed as one of the many sought after vintage loud speakers of yester-year.
Both are fully working with no coil pickup.
One has its centre stick-on gold cover missing and t he other has a small hole in it. Don’t ask me why these are so, I don’t know.
Priced at a very reasonable level and I will separate if you only want one. However that will entail a 20% increase, based on ½ the BIN price shown.


2004 Burns 'The Marvin' 1964 Reissue White Signature Electric Guitar


This is one of the low serial numbers (0166 of 2004) that Burns London ‘The Marvin’ 1964 Reissue is in Shadows White finish.
This guitar is a faithful recreation of the original 1964 Burns Marvin and includes the Rez-O-Tube Tremolo with engraved Hank Marvin Signature, Burns Rez-O-Matik US Alnico Magnet Single Coils with 1964 specifications and Burns Gear-O-Matic Gearbox Truss Rod.
The body of this guitar is crafted using American Alder, and the bolt on neck crafted using Maple. This makes for a fairly lightweight feeling guitar with a resonant and bright tone. A 300mm fingerboard radius, roughly 12”, makes for a well-balanced feeling neck that suits both comfortable fretting and deep bending.
The trio of Burns Rez-O-Matik US Alnico Magnet Single Coils create a very bright and snappy tone, perfect for recreating the riffs of Marvin. This stunning guitar is a faithful recreation of an iconic guitar, and would be a fantastic addition for any collector or Marvin enthusiast.



All Valve - DSL401 Head!!

This beautiful looking amp has been turned into a head only unit, with full size analogue reverb tray.

It has had a thorough service with some of the critical higher wattage resistors being replaced.

The 4 x 6BQ4 (EL84) are a quad matched set of MESA Boogie ones, which all register 100% on my valve tester. This also applies to the preamp and P.I. valves, all being Marshall sourced.

The Bias has been set to Marshalls recommendation of 1.3V to 1.4V after at least 30-minutes of powered-on soaking.

It comes with a Marshall foot switch that will control the 3-channels (Clean, OD1 and OD2). The Reverb works just fine and there is an option to connect another foot switch for this function, which is not supplied.




Excellent Condition and fully serviced.

Has a built in Tremolo Foot Switch

Comes with a pair of Celestion G12T100 Guitar Speaker 12" 8 Ohms in tip top condition.


1 x 12" Speaker Cabinet 80W 8 Ohm

This would pair up with the DSL401 having the same exterior make-up on both. Speaker is a Celestion Seventy 80 G12P-80 8 Ohm