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I shall attempt to comment on various interesting areas as and when they crop up. Whether this works well or not, only time will tell.

Firstly a big thank you to those who have put their gear in my trusted hands and I hope your future requirements will remain with me.

Date: 31-12-2009

Well we're at the cusp of a New Year and one that [sadly] looks gloomy with the Government now getting into gear to tax us to the hilt. They've sold off the country's wealth for a pittance (such as the gold reserves). We are badly in debt to the tune of billions, which basically leaves us as a country broke!

HOWEVER - the only way is UP (name that tune), so let's not be too despondent.

I'd like to thank all my customers who have entrusted to me their precious items over the past year and look forward to welcoming any new business that might pass my way.

Date: 15-08-2009

It's been awhile and during that time I have had a bad experience.............

If you ever buy something from the USA ensure it gets send ANYTHING but USPS - Why, because the receiving company this end are the thieves called PARCELFORCE. Without fail they ALWAYS submit ANY item into Customs & Excise. Without fail they they ALWAYS charge around the 13 mark for this [so called] service in addition to the VAT that our bloodsucking Customs & Excise slap on the item. Sent by PROPER courier this usually avoids the mess. Can you imagine the monies this SCAM brings in!!

Date: 16-06-2009

Recovering of Cabs and Amps is not something I do, but I know a guy who does. To date I have had a few done and I can recommend him without doubt.

This is the website and if you find my location a better drop-off point than the London address, I am more than happy to accommadate.

He is my namesake (Paul) so can't be bad :-)

Date: 25-04-2009

I do not cover however the larger keyboards, be it Organ or Digital Keyboard, but I know a man who does based down in the Guildford area.

So for those of you who might want their precious Hammond, Technics or other valued make repaired, try going to this site for most of your needs:

Really nice guy who will see you alright :-)

Date: 14-02-2009

I came across this band from a recent sale I had made- I'd be very surpirsed if they don't hit the sweet-spot of success over the next year or two. Really tight and together music that is well produced.

They are called FLASHLIGHT PARADE and if you Google this you will find them in both FaceBook and MySpace - Really worth a visit in my humble opinion.

Date: 24-11-2008

Look like Mickey Flynn has now gone a done himself a website for all to share in that have a one-man-band interest - Nice site if I say so myself.........

Date: 10-10-2008

Bought one of my dream guitars - A Blonde Gibson 335, leftie of course. Certainly came from a working background. The guy I got it from, one Mickey Flynn is a great one-man band and well worth seeing live - Take a look at this website which gives his forthcoming dates.........

Date: 06-10-2008

Went to see the Moody Blues at the Royal Albert Hall, London - What a great live group, their music stands the test of time. Backstage afterwards, met with Paul Bliss, their keyboard / guitar player - one very talented musician. To top it all, spoke with Mark Hogue, the Production Manager responsible for it all happening - what a guy :-))

Date: 25-09-2008

Just posted my info onto one of the best locally based Music related websites around for chat, gigs, muscians and classifieds - it

Date: 23-09-2008
Today this site went LIVE!!! Any problems / feedback most welcome