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If you are interested in contacting me on any of the below items, please phone 07846 824 826 or email me by clicking here e-mail me. This is not necessarily the most up-to-date listing so it is always worth a call just to see what is coming up. All my For Sale items will have been through my workshop (unless stated as being Spares or Repair) and can be tried out to your hearts content. I can supply interested parties images of most listings shown below.

Always open to a REASONABLE OFFER on MOSTof the below.

I also have numerous Watkins WEM Copicats, which are due to be refurbed, if you are after a particular model, be it Valve or SolidState, let me know since I will re-prioritise the work schedule.

If you have any musical instruments for sale, I am always interested in hearing about them with a possible view to purchase, even the broken ones, which I particularly like. P/X is always an option.

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brand item description

Fender The Twin Vintage 1989 Pair of 12" Speakers

These nicely broken-in 12" Eminence speakers came out of a Fender Twin Combo and are in excellent condition, without any fault what-so-ever.



Champ 12 All Valve Red Knob Model

Lovely condition.

This has been thoroughly serviced without any problems being found.

All the valves test perfectly okay.

It has an inbuilt analog reverb and comes with its original Fender Custom 12 inch Speaker.

A foot switch controls the Channel selection (Clean & Distort) and is totally original.

Every single electrolytic has been replaced in this amp making it viable for at least another 30-years, apart from valve replacement of course.

Its 12 Watts doesn't sound much, but crank it up and it will blow your hat off particularly on the Distortion Channel.

Like so many old Fender amps, this is high up in the rankings and remains a popular choice for guitarist and collector alike.

This one has had the TORRES modification, explained as follows:

The kit gives the amp a ton more overdrive, tone and guts. It makes the amp really come alive and scream!

The clean sound is also greatly improved, richer and fuller, more natural sounding.


2012 Pawnshop Stratocaster MIJ

Fender Pawn Shop ‘72 Stratocaster 3 Colour Sunburst. MIJ Manufactured by Fender in Japan 2012 + Brand new Fender Tolex Style OHSC.

The Pawn Shop Fender '72 has a semi-hollow Stratocaster® body with f hole, a Telecaster® neck, rosewood fretboard with modern 9.5" radius and 6105 frets, a Fender Wide Range humbucking neck pickup and Fender EnforcerGäó humbucking bridge pickup, dual-knob chrome control plate with master volume and center-detented pickup blend, '70s-style hard-tail Stratocaster bridge, '70s-style Fender "F" tuners, mint green pickguard, bullet truss rod, three-bolt neck attachment.


1980 Artist100 Electric Guitar

What a stunning axe this is. Made in Japan and its quality ouzes out.

Restrung with Slinky 11s and sporting a superb low action.

Everything functions as it should

Has the usual dings and chips that have acrued over its 40-years of life, but nothing serious.

Comes with its original hard case

Watkins / WEM

1960s Watkins Custom 15 All Valve Amp Head

Unusual to get this in a head version - Possible custom refit job. Waiting renovation and identical to that listed below but without speaker.


GC-30V / VC-30 Valve Combo Amp 1 x 12

1990’s Laney GC-30V / VC-30 Valve Reverb Guitar Combo Amp 1 x 12.

This is one of the earlier GC-30V Laney’s that were built using the newer valve technology of the VC-30 rather than pure Solid-State and what an amp this has turned out to be.
It sports 4 x EL84 output valves and 3 ECC83 Preamp Valves. They all tested okay in a valve tester.
The loudspeaker is a classic from the past being an H-H 12” capable of handling 50Watts at 8 Ohms.
Fully serviced with all 8 control panel potentiometers and 2 rocker switches (Channel Switching and Normal/Bright) being replaced with brand new ones.
Control Panel Functions include:

  • 2-Channels: Clean and Drive
  • High and Low Input Sockets
  • Normal / Bright Switching
  • Channel Switching
  • Tone Controls for Treble, Middle and Bass
  • Reverb (Analogue)
  • Effects Level Mixing

Rear Panel Functions include:

  • Optional Dual Foot Switch for Reverb and Channel switching
  • Effects Loop Send / Return
  • Internal / External Switch for loudspeaker output.

This amp is definitely one to have in your collection.

Sound City

50W Plus Mark 4 Valve Head

This is an early one from its serial number 1811 and has been through a thorough full maintenance and service, thus ensuring an amp that is ready to go.
These amps have an Active Tone function, which means the Volume controls on their own will not produce any output unless the Tone controls are turned up to whatever desired setting of Bass, Middle and Treble is required.
There is a switch on the back for Sensitivity – This will select either a normal or gain output enhancement to the exiting Normal and Brilliant Channels having 2 x Input Sockets per Channel.
The 5 Diodes, which make up the Bridge Rectifier (4 off) and Bias have all been replaced.
Internally the 3 Trim Pots (2 x Bias + 1 x Sensitivity) have all be replaced along with any suspect component.
All filter and electrolytic capacitors have been replaced and a full complement of new JJ preamp valves (ECC83s) along with a balanced triode Phase Invertor valve (ECC81) has been fitted.
The output valves, which, once upon a time were a balanced pair of EL34s, tested A-Ok on a tester and remain in place with their Bias’ both being set to a mid 35mA having a Plate Voltage of 440VDC.
For purely safety reasons the mains voltage selector wires have all been tied back apart from the 245VAC for use in the UK.
The cabinet is in excellent condition and to top it all, it still has it original plastic protective cover – these just DON’T exist anymore!!!
Definitely a classic amp that is getting rarer by the month.

Watkins / WEM

1960s Watkins Custom 15 All Valve Combo

One of the lesser known Watkins amplifiers, but what a sound and what a Tremolo function to behold.

The circuit is literally the same as in the famous Westminster and Dominator Watkins amp

Fully serviced with a compliment of Mullard Valves (1 x EZ81 - 2 x EL84 - 3 x 12AX7)

In stunning condition and with a new fret cloth due to the original being non-existant.

Tremolo has a Watkins foot switch included.

2 x 2 Inputs (Instrument and Microphone)