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If you are interested in contacting me on any of the below items, please phone 07846 824 826 or email me by clicking here e-mail me. This is not necessarily the most up-to-date listing so it is always worth a call just to see what is coming up. All my For Sale items will have been through my workshop (unless stated as being Spares or Repair) and can be tried out to your hearts content. I can supply interested parties images of most listings shown below.

Always open to a REASONABLE OFFER on MOSTof the below.

I also have numerous Watkins WEM Copicats, which are due to be refurbed, if you are after a particular model, be it Valve or SolidState, let me know since I will re-prioritise the work schedule.

If you have any musical instruments for sale, I am always interested in hearing about them with a possible view to purchase, even the broken ones, which I particularly like. P/X is always an option.

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brand item description

1974 Dallas AC30 2x12 Silver ANILCO's

In 1972 Vox was taken over by Dallas Arbiter, a British company. It was under this company that the AC30 was returned to the original hand wired, tag strip construction. Therefore this 1974 amp has the 1960's tag board design and apart from a solid-state rectifier is literally identical to the JMI AC30 of that era. Note that the power transformer has unused leads tucked along the chassis, these would be for the 5V filament supply of a valve rectifier.

It has a pair of Celestion T1088 12" ANILCO Silver (Poly Grey) speakers that have the VERY RARE CONES labelled 98700 - These ARE NOT RECONES and were only fitted for a couple of months to Celestions with date codes EG, FG and GG!!. If you compare them to the Pulsonics you will find a major "positive" difference in tone. A very sought after speaker no less.

All the valves test 100%++ and the usual electrolytic culprits have been replaced with high quality ones.

Cabinet wise, this is in excellent condition considering its age and has the full set of metal vents.

This AC30 gives you literally everything an earlier '60s JMI gives, but at a fraction of the cost.


2009 Marshall Class 5 All Valve Combo Amp.

What an ideal practice / studio venue amp to have.

Marshall's goal for this amp here was to produce classic Marshall blues and rock tones that bring back the love of the 60's. They have achieved just that using a pair of ECC83 Preamp valves and a single EL84 power amp valve pushing a single power to pretty high volumes.

The 5w in this amp is easily loud enough to be heard in a small rehearsal room with band members or to use in a studio.

Watkins / WEM

1990's Super Shadows / Gold Shadows Copicats

I have 2 of these very collectable Copicats, both of which are the 4-Valve variant. One has 3-Playback Heads, the other has 5-Playback Heads.

Both Copicats have the same V6.1 PCB, which can accommadate either a 3 or 5-Playback head configuration.

Here are the functions for the 5-head version. The 3-head differs in not having the Halo 2 and Echo 2 heads.

Input Socket 1; Input Socket 2; Volume 1; Volume 2; Five head on/off push buttons - "Halo", "Halo 2", "Echo", "Echo 2", "Repeat"; Sustain; Swell; Echo Only push button; Master, Mains Indicator Light; Power on/off push button.

Motor Speed (Standby) rotary switch located within tape loop.

Burns / Baldwin

1967 Baldwin Double-Six 12- String Electric Guitar

This guitar was actually made by the Burns Company of England, but with the company then under the ownership of Baldwin sold with their badge. It has a date label showing as March 1967.

It is all original with the exception of a replacement metal nut and is 100% complete. Original frets show very little wear. The Burns neck design makes this an extremely easy to play twelve string.

The scale is 25 1/2" and features 21 frets plus a zero fret. There are 3 x Burns Tri-Sonic slanted pickups controlled with a 3-selector switch having Volume and 2 x Tone Controls.

It has brand Schaller Guitar Strap Locks fitted, with the original strap buttons being included in the sale. A brand new set of D'Addario EXL150 XL Nickel Wound Super Light (.010-.046) 12-String Electric Guitar Strings have been fitted.

This 12-string looks great and sounds great. It has some very minor cosmetic nicks + dings from its 50+ years of age, which is to be expected. Everything is structurally sound with all the electrics working.

Comes in a genuine Burns Hard Case.


1960's Conqueror Solid-State Amp Head

The Conqueror was the most popular of the solid state amps introduced by Vox in 1967 and delivers a stunning 30RMS watts (60+ watts peak).

They are great sounding amps with a large variety of sound variations.

This must be one of the last to be produced, since I have never seen in any of the preamp chassis' electrolytics that were not made by HUNTS, which I have had to replaced time and time again. This one however is totally void of that make and to my amazement EVERYTHING was in tiptop condition and working order.

Although I have given all the pots a good de-ox/lub spray, some still tend to be a tad scratchy and I would recommend at some time replacing these.


Channel 1 - Normal / Channel 2 - Brilliant

Both have Volume, Treble and Bass controls.

Channel 1 Top Boost switch

Channel 2 MRB switch (Mid Range Boost) together with 3-position MRB Effects Selector

Vibrato Speed and Depth

Reverb (analog spring system with transducers) selectable to either channel with Reverb Blend control

Distortion - Attack / Sustain control (Channel 2 only) - Would require optional footswitch.

Speaker Output is 15 Ohms ONLY

Mains Voltages selectable from back panel: 115, 160, 205, 225, 245 VAC

The optional 3-Button footswitch will control Vibrato, Distortion and Reverb ON/OFF. This is NOT included and means that the Distortion will not kick in without one. Both Reverb and Tremolo function without the footswitch. I can make one up for an additional cost, which I would offer for the winner if requested.

NOTE: Due to current electrical regulations, the mains Bulgin plug socket has been replaced since it is not a legal way of connecting up an amp to be sold as a working item within the UK.


1998 JAZZ 35w-50w All Valve Combo Amp

Comes with R.D Holland signature on innner side of top back panel. Consists of 2 x 10 Eminence 75W speakers.

This amp runs on 2 5881/6L6ís, has a 5AR4 rectifier, 3-12AX7ís and a 12AT7 for the reverb driver.

Reverb, dwell and mix controls. Full tone controls, 3 band eq and presence. She has an on/off and standby and a fuse on the front control panel.

Reverb comes with detachable foot switch.

Watkins Westminster Valve Tremolo Amp Combo

This is one that the studio / home / small venue guitarists favour.

It has been Serviced with all the [horrid] Hunts caps and filters replaced; hence it comes fully functional with a Tremolo effect second to none.

The valves are all MULLARDS and the circuit (which is as originally built) is based on the Dominator 20/T build.

It has in an earlier life been painted black over the original blue. This has not been changed since it has been done carefully and looks the part.

The footswitch is now a plug-in item as to the original one was missing.

Selmer Treble-n-Bass Mk3 Valve Head

Awaiting Service

Gretsch Nashville 6120 LH

Part of my Left handed guitar collection

1996 model year in beautiful condition.

This is totally mint having never been played more than a couple of times.

It comes with all the paperwork and Gretsch hardcase.

Very sorry to see it go, but genuine reason for sale.