Sales (Updated - 5th October 2017)

If you are interested in contacting me on any of the below items, please phone 07846 824 826 or email me by clicking here e-mail me. This is not necessarily the most up-to-date listing so it is always worth a call just to see what is coming up. All my For Sale items will have been through my workshop (unless stated as being Spares or Repair) and can be tried out to your hearts content. I can supply interested parties images of most listings shown below.

Always open to a REASONABLE OFFER on MOSTof the below.

I also have numerous Watkins WEM Copicats, which are due to be refurbed, if you are after a particular model, be it Valve or SolidState, let me know since I will re-prioritise the work schedule.

If you have any musical instruments for sale, I am always interested in hearing about them with a possible view to purchase, even the broken ones, which I particularly like. P/X is always an option.

Payments via: CASH, BANK TRANSFER or PAYPAL (3% fee applied for Paypal payments)

brand item description

EchoCord Mini Echo/Delay

German engineering at its best and a budget priced alternative to the Roland RE Series. Fully Serviced and in top-notch working order with 2 x Jack Socket Inputs and 2 x Jack Socket Outputs.Click on the image below to see a short demo of the unit.

Dallas / RangeMaster

RangeMaster Popular Model 526

This is the RangeMaster version of the Dallas Scala 519 Tube amp on the cusp of the 1960s. Fully overhauled and incorporating a very nice Tremolo whose depth is comtrolled from a control on a foot switch.

It's valves all tested OK and they consist of:

1 x ECC83 - Preamp

1 x EF86 - Tremolo

2 x ECL86 - P.I. and Output.

The output is a goodly 10W - 12W and there are 2 x Inputs, Tone and Tremolo Speed Controls.

Both ELAC speakers perform well.

You will see the note on the control panel pointing to the Depth control being on the foot switch.

One of the best sounding vintage amps around, which would be ideally suited to studio use and small venues.


Effects Pedals

EFFECTS PEDALS - I have decided to sell my personal collection of these many and varied effects. The link to a PDF shows most of them (although some have been sold already). So if interested I can supply a price per pedal on request.


IC400 Copicat Example Image

I now have 2 of these in IMMACULATE CONDITION. One has its original Copicat Plastic Black Cover. This is the VARIABLE SPEED Copicat and is becoming a favoured option over other single speed variants.


1969 Model 1930 10W Valve Amp Combo 2 x 10

Awaiting Service

Peavey Delta Blues Valve Amp 1x15" Combo

The Delta Blues 30 classic all-tube watts are way louder than solid state. Modern flexibility comes from a Tremolo control with Speed and Intensity knobs, pre- and post-gain controls on the lead channel, 3-band passive EQ, a Boost switch, external speaker jack, and an effects loop. Jamming or gigging, the Peavey Delta Blues 115 amp holds down your end of the sound.

It has a complete new set of JJ valves (75 worth) and is basically ready to go.

The Tremolo and Reverb combination are beautiful on either channel. Use the Post & Pre channel controls and hear the Overdrive / Distortion come into its own. They do not come better than this!

Cabinet has seen better days, but the sound is still awesome!

VOX AC50 Valve Head

Awaiting Service

Selmer PA 100/4 S.V. Valve Head

A beautiful sounding amp that is finally being realised as a great alternative for guitar.

Has the rarer S.V. Black Control Panel.

Serviced and raring to go.

All valves check out fine on valve tester. These are 4 x EL34 + 6 x ECC83. Various makes including Brimar and Mullard.

Condition internally is superb and shows the quality of workmanship that went in to producing such a desirable amp.

Cabinet is really good too but has a couple of corners whee the tolex has been torn away.

If sent I will include a wooden flight case that will require the removal of the mains plug. This does NOT apply if amp is being collected.

VamPower 100W PA Valve Head

Awaiting Service

Marshall Model 2046 Reverb / Tremolo Valve Combo

Awaiting Service

Watkins V-Dominator / Westminster PROTOTYPE

Unbelievable Amp from around the mid to late 50s

Possibly the ONLY ONE in existence - Note the genuine Top Vent Holes!!

Here are some unique features of this Prototype:

1. The speaker positions are midway in the cab, not low down as in the production models.

2. Has the very early Westminster Control Board but with 2xEF86 and 2xECC83 valves. To my knowledge C.W. never used EF86 valves in his production versions.

3. When I stripped off the original (painted) covering you could see inside the cabinet the blue/white at both top vent holes - see image.

4. The mains fuse was positioned on the side panel of the cabinet - I have added an H.T. one also for safety.

5. Separate Preamp and Power chassis.

6. The WATKINS logos are of the rounded variety - Not the commonly seen square edge ones.

Loads of images for those interested, just txt me.

I will supply both Preamp and Power schematics (which I produced) to whoever the lucky person is that eventually owns this.

Now totally restored and rare as hens teeth.

Has 3 detachable (Dansette style) screw-in legs.

Comes with a vintage foot-switch.

P.T. configurable for either 120VAC or 240VAC and is the same as used in the re-issue Dominators.



1960's Supreme 100W Solid-State

This has just gone through a massive 10-hour plus repair and service, which has involved bringing the power amp side back to full functionality and revamping all the PCB's from the preamp to enable 98% of the electrolytics to be replaced, plus a number of other repairs which rendered the amp dead when I bought it some time ago. It is now firing on all cylinders and what an amp indeed.