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If you are interested in contacting me on any of the below items, please phone 07846 824 826 or email me by clicking here e-mail me. This is not necessarily the most up-to-date listing so it is always worth a call just to see what is coming up. All my For Sale items will have been through my workshop (unless stated as being Spares or Repair) and can be tried out to your hearts content. I can supply interested parties images of most listings shown below.

Always open to a REASONABLE OFFER on MOSTof the below.

I also have numerous Watkins WEM Copicats, which are due to be refurbed, if you are after a particular model, be it Valve or SolidState, let me know since I will re-prioritise the work schedule.

If you have any musical instruments for sale, I am always interested in hearing about them with a possible view to purchase, even the broken ones, which I particularly like. P/X is always an option.

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brand item description

2012 Gibson HB093M ES-330 VOS LH
Memphis with Custom Shop Certificate

This has been closeted for most of its life.

Having owned it for the past 5-years, it has rarely seen the light of day apart from the occasional try-out.

In absolutely stunning condition and being a rare leftie, this would grace any guitarists collection.

Comes with original paperwork (I hate using “Candy”) and custom Gibson hard case.

Epiphone by Gibson

2016 - Hummingbird Pro Electric Acoustic Guitar

Epiphone Hummingbird Pro Electro Acoustic Guitar Faded Cherry - Immaculate Condition.

The Hummingbird is one of Gibson's most iconic acoustic guitars and has been used by a wide range of artists since its introduction in 1960. The Epiphone version gives you a piece of that classic style and tone at a fraction of the cost and with the benefit of built-in electronics.

Complete with Dreadnaught Hardcase.

Epiphone by Gibson 2018 - Joe Pass Emperor 2 Pro Electro-Acousitc Guitar

In Immaculate Condition.

The Epiphone Joe Pass Emperor-II Pro, Vintage Natural is the key to finding your richest, fullest sound yet. Designed with the styles of iconic jazz guitarist Joe Pass in mind, this guitar will never hold you back.

Experience acoustic resonance and warmth in every note you play. An archtop, semi-hollowbody construction will give a remarkable, natural quality to your music. Plug in and play with power and creativity. Dual ProBucker pickups bring versatility and intensity to your sound, ideal for a range of styles. A guitar as legendary as the man it's named after.

Complete with Hardcase.


Epiphone by Gibson

2012 - ES335 DOT Semi-Acoustic Guitar

In Immaculate Condition..

The Dot™ 335 is Epiphone's version of the historic ES-335 Dot™, has been wowing guitar players all over the world for over four decades. From its inaugural appearance in 1958, Gibson's ES-335 set an unmatched standard. Our Epiphone Dot™ is no exception. It is simply one of the best deals today for guitar players who want the classic sound of an ES-335 at an accessible price.

Comes with Epiphone Hardcase


Stratocaster American Standard - Made in the USA.

2011/12 in Sunburst complete with Fender Hard Case and original paperwork (I hate using “Candy”).

Comes in Fender Deluxe Moulded Hard Case worth £135 on its own.

The Stratocaster family tree has grown tall and wide over the years, but the Fender American Standard Strat carries on the original legacy of the model in its purest form. It is an axe that can do it all, the swiss-army-knife guitar, but still has enough signature tone in its glassy, bell-like attack to have a world unto itself. For anyone looking to have only one guitar, the Fender American Standard Stratocaster has to be part of the discussion.


V125 Valve LEAD Head

Although I have no way of proving this, the back panel serial number plate (which has the same serial number shown inside the chassis) shows a poor attempt at removing some added wording, which can be seen as “THE JAM” and “A ?ETTER AO-O?”. This could be one of Paull Weller’s V125 Lead Amps from the early 1980s.

The V125 was VOX's answer to the Marshall stack idea, which would capture market share by making a large amplifier for stadium work, hence the V125's high-powered single cabinet stack design. The V125 Lead was essentially an AC-120 repackaged for this purpose less the AC-120's reverb unit.

Among the V125's features are two input jacks and a 5-Band equaliser section. It's the 5-Band equaliser frequencies that distinguishes the Lead (100hz - 2300hz) from the Bass (50hz - 1600hz) version.

This amp has been fully serviced and the bias set to the factory requirement, along with any other work required to bring this amp back to its [near] full potential.

There has been brand new output transformer fitted and the 2 x FETs on the Input side, that the V125 Lead had, have been removed and in doing so, the front-end is now pure valve and more reliable.

All the valves have been tested with new QUAD MATCHED Marshall EL34s fitted, hence this is ready to rock-n-roll.

Valve compliment consists of: 4 x EL34s + 2 x ECC83s + 1 x ECC82 + 1 x ECC81

220VAC – 240VAC Switchable Power Transformer.


Valve Standard 15W Combo

Pending Service / Repair


Copicat Model IC40 Varispeed

Pending Service


Les Paul Style Synth / Effector Electric Guitar with Built-In Effects

These fabulous guitars were made in the eighties in Korea and based on the Les Paul but with built-in effects. They are vastly under-priced, but the rise is just beginning due to their uniqueness.

This one is finished in sunburst with twin humbucker style pickups.

The body, neck and head-stock are fully bound making this a quality guitar.

The bridge is a tune-o-matic and with a stop bar tailpiece.

The effects are controlled by a 9-volt battery (PP9 not included) housed in the back of the body.

There is a volume control which is also an on/off switch, plus tone and speed controls.

The effects have an on/off switch and a phase in/out switch.

The effects are echo/tremolo/wah/whirlwind and a fuzz on/off switch - all in working order.

There is a headphone socket, which originally would have come with an active headphone set, which is the only way for it to function. Most times this is never used.

This guitar has two areas of damage, which can be see in the images. It looks as though it was resting on a couple of sharp stands. This is the only real damage with the rest in stunning condition for its age.

Frets are all good and neck is dead straight. Everything is original and the guitar sounds awesome through an amp.

Comes complete with a gorgeous HISCOX Hard case.